Certain areas of the country are famous for certain foods. Go to Philadelphia? You've got to have a cheesesteak. Chicago? Deep dish pizza. Pittsburgh? Pierogis. In Idaho? Finger steaks. 

They're one of those foods you have to explain to out-of-state relatives. (Hi, mom!) The easiest way to do that is by saying, "think chicken tenders but with beef instead." It's way more fun to tell the story about how they were first served at what's now one of Boise's most infamous strip clubs. Yes, there was a time that "The Torch" was the "Milo's Torch Tavern," a restaurant. Milo was Mylo Bybee, who claims to have created the delicious, juicy and some time tangy bits of fried beef.

People have spent years trying to track down the original recipe and there's a chance that it actually surfaced in a Boise history group on Facebook earlier this year. It was shared by a man name Allen Haumann, who posted a photo of a recipe card that read "Sonny's Secret Finger Steak Recipe." Haumann (who has the most interesting landscaping in Southeast Boise, but that's a story for another day) explains that his dad, Sonny, was Mylo's nephew and renamed the recipe after himself.

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Is it the real recipe or not? We'll probably never know. What we do know is that since "The Torch" became a strip club, there are other restaurants who have picked up the mantle for "Best Finger Steaks in Boise." Depending on who you ask, Westside Drive-In or Lindy's Steakhouse are the usual suspects.

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We can't deny either of those locations, but there's seven days in a week and you can only eat the same finger steaks so many times. That's why we set out to find some restaurants across the Treasure Valley that might not be known for their finger steaks, but will not disappoint you when you order them there!

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While West Side Drive-In or Lindy's could both easily have the mantle "Best Finger Steaks in Boise," we set out to find some places that may not be known for theirs but have delicious ones!

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