Idaho has its share of amazing museums. It also has its share of quirky ones! If you like the kind of history that isn't taught in schools, you will enjoy these six Idaho museums that aren't exactly mainstream. These museums are dedicated to the abnormal and are all one of a kind.

Oasis Bordello Museum - Wallace
The Oasis was a working brothel until 1988 when Madame Ginger, who ran the place, got a tip that the FBI was about to raid. She told her employees to grab what they could and leave. The building was sold in 1993 when the new owner opened the door to find everything exactly how it was left on the day of the raid. Clothes were scattered all over the floors, along with drawings, liquor, a client list, and even a service menu. It is now restored to its former glory as a museum dedicated to the industry that made it famous.

Museum of Clean - Pocatello
In Pocatello, being pristine is highly valued. So much so that there is even a museum dedicated to being clean. Among the items here, you will find the world's first vacuum cleaner built in 1860. They are also home to the world's largest janitor. At the Museum of Clean, you will learn about clean air, water, language, floors, jokes, and more!

Butch Cassidy Bank Robbery Museum - Montpelier
Located inside what once was the Bank of Montpelier, Idaho's first bank and the home of an infamous 1896 robbery. This is the only building still standing that is known to have been robbed by the most successful train robbing gang in American history. The museum lets you take pictures outside the vault as you relive wild west history.

Idaho Potato Museum - Blackfoot
It's no surprise that the Idaho Potato Museum exists. What's inside will surprise you! Sure, it's full of facts about potatoes and how they are harvested. Yes, it has the history of potato farming in Idaho and how the Russet came to be. Most importantly, it has the world's largest potato chip, spanning 25 inches! In addition, you can check out the Mr. Potato Head Station and the animatronic potato people.

Collector's Corner - Idaho Falls
This is the definition of a quirky museum. The Collector's Corner is home to over 125 collections. These collections range from firearms to beanie babies. In their featured room, you can see their celebrity memorabilia collection from back in the day to right now.

Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum - Rigby
Most people don't know that the television was invented in Rigby, Idaho, by Philo T. Farnsworth. While this is the home to the first television tube, the Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum is mainly dedicated to Egyptian artifacts and animal trophies.

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