What Is Boise's Official Food?
I've now lived in Boise for six months.  For my six month anniversary, I want to celebrate by eating the quintessential Boise food.  I just don't know what that is.  It really depends on who you ask, I guess.  If you went by driving around the Boise area, you might thin…
Idaho's Richest Person Has Ties to Potatoes
Forbes Magazine did a little research and figured out who the richest person is in every state, and in Idaho that person has a background in the potato industry, but also dabbles in fertilizer and and phosphate morning. It's a name you know.
Update: Potato Guy Has Lost 70 Pounds
Remember that guy I told you about back in February, that was eating nothing but spuds for a year?  Idaho should make this guy its potato-loving poster child.
And he's having some major weight loss success!  But it's not all good news.
Christmas Wish Potato Gleaning
Christmas Wish Potato Field: Enter just off Chinden, right across from the Fred Meyer Gas station entrance. Screen shot of google earth
On Friday, October 2nd, from 3pm to 7pm and Saturday, October 3rd, from 8am to 7pm, you will be able to legally, gather, pick up, dig, rake, potatoes...

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