There's a heartwarming viral video from TikTok that resurfaces every year around Christmas time, and while it wasn't made in Idaho, it's connected to our state in a really adorable way.

Pennsylvania-based creators, Leah and Michael (leahhouck0), posted a special moment from Christmas morning a few years ago. This video features their daughter, Lola, asking Santa for something very specific for Christmas, and then later unwrapping her gift on Christmas morning.

It’s what Lola wanted for Christmas that takes everyone by surprise...

She wanted a potato for Christmas!

Keep scrolling for her adorable reaction on Christmas morning.

What sets Lola's request apart from other children, is the unexpected simplicity in the gift that she wanted, and her genuine and happy reaction to receiving that gift. Jump into that joyous Christmas morning and see Lola's reaction captured reactions captured in the below photos.

Originally recorded in 2019, the video resurfaces each year on TikTok, and the updated view count is 8.2 million views, 1.1 million likes, 90.6K shares, 52.1K saves, and over 7,600 comments. The internet can’t get enough of Lola asking Santa for a potato for Christmas, and even better, the pure joy we feel when we watch Lola open the potato on Christmas morning.

Beyond the laughter and charm of the video, there are some valuable lessons to be learned:

  1. Find joy in the simple things.
  2. You don’t have to get the most expensive or hard-to-get Christmas gifts.
  3. Consider going through your galleries and camera rolls and you might have some TikTok gold!

So, whether it's revisiting cherished memories or creating new ones this holiday season, let Lola's enthusiasm for a potato remind us all to appreciate the uncomplicated joys in life.

Keep scrolling for her adorable reaction on Christmas morning.

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