Wild at best! That's the only way we can describe what the first days of spring have been like in Boise.

YouTube/Bill Alicea
YouTube/Bill Alicea

Highs are finally starting to climb and make you want to be around water! Pools in the Treasure Valley aren't open yet. The splash pads don't get turned until Memorial Day weekend. The Boise River is flowing FAR too fast and FAR too high to safely recreate in it right now.

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So where can you go to hang by the water and enjoy the sunshine? Boise's Quinn's Pond is always a great option! It's one of the most popular non-river, water recreation areas in the Treasure Valley and you'll find it located at 3150 W Pleasanton Ave near the whitewater park.

Before you get your splash on in the 22-acre pond, here are 5 things you may not have known about its past or present!

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