Summer in Boise is starting to heat up! While we didn’t set a new record for the earliest triple digit day, we are experiencing the heat earlier than normal.

The earliest the mercury has risen above 100º in the past 15 years was on June 3, 2021 when it hit 103º. This year, Boise’s first triple digit day arrived on Saturday, June 22 with a high temperature of 102º. If you look at that historical data from the last 15 years, that’s earlier than normal. Typically it happens around July 1. 

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Now that the heat is on, how are you planning to stay cool? There’s really no lack of options in the Treasure Valley. There are at least 18 free and fun splash pads in Boise and its surrounding communities. Roaring Springs is open. The public pools are open. You’ve got open water options at Quinn’s Pond, the ponds at Esther SImplot Park and Lucky Peak. 

But maybe those places are just too crowded for you. Or maybe, you’re looking for a different pool than the one in your apartment complex or HOA because theirs have too many rules. You want to be at a private pool where no one’s going to complain if you start playing your favorite music through a Bluetooth speaker. 


Then we found the PERFECT option for you! Did you know there’s a website called Swimply that allows homeowners with their own private pools to rent them out to others by the hour? It’s a cool opportunity, quite literally, for you to enjoy the private pool experience without all the upkeep that owning your own pool requires. 

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Many of the hosts throw in that Bluetooth speaker and other amenities you can use like pool toys, grills, fire pits and private restrooms. More and more listings pop up in our area the longer that Swimply’s around. 

Want to try it out? Here’s six of the coolest pools in our area that are currently listed! 

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