If you know me, when it comes to Downtown Boise dining, I'm a creature of habit.  You can usually find me at the same restaurant several nights a week, but I'm so happy I switched it up!

Eureka's been open on 8th Street to a little over a year.  If their grand opening is the first and only time you've stopped through, you're seriously missing out.  The menu at the gourmet burger restaurant is constantly evolving and there's some seriously cool new menu items and cocktail available during the cold winter months!

We got a chance to try all of them and it was hard to narrow it down to just five, because everything was absolutely incredible but these five items are why I'll be back very, very soon! (Plus, they have a strict "no crap on tap" philosophy when it comes to the beers you can pair with your meal.  That means you'll only find the best selection of craft beers and ciders, many of which are local. That alone speaks to me!)

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    Cauliflower Bites

    Eureka's got such a unique list of starters that it's hard to pick where to start.  There's a little bit of something for everyone from lollipop corn dogs to smoked salmon dip to truffle cheese fries. I tend to like warm, breaded apps so the cauliflower bites were right up my alley! These cauliflower bites are lightly covered in bonito flakes and then flash fried.  They're served with a side of Eureka's delicious garlic aioli and lemon zest.  I loved that they didn't make me feel too full before dinner!

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    Electric Butterfly Cocktail

    This is hands down the most unique cocktail you'll ever drink.  Make with butterfly pea tea (which when brewed is originally a bright blue) this cocktail turns bright purple when it's mixed with immature brandy, rum, lime, chareau aloe and orgeat. It's served with a buzz button so that you can taste all the unique flavors in the drink.  A buzz button is the flowering herb produced by an Acmella Oleracea plant.  When you chew it up, you get a kind of tingly, numb feeling in your mouth. That feeling is the buzz button opening 100% of your taste buds. The feeling lasts for about 10 minutes and makes drinking the cocktail a real experience!

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    Short Rib Kimchi Burger

    I am so not a cabbage person, so while we were listening to the description of the Short Rib Kimchi Burger I was hesitant hearing the words "fermented cabbage" and "made underground." Kimchi's a Korean specialty that's extremely spicy.  It's widely regarded as one of the healthiest foods in the world because it's loaded with probiotics that aid in digestion (similar to those found in yogurt.)

    I'm happy that I took the chance and tried to something new! It was so spicy that I couldn't even tell that the kimchi on this burger was cabbage and the burger itself was tender and juicy!

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    Holy Smokes! Cocktail

    I've had smoked whiskey cocktail before, but nothing this drinkable! This warm specialty cocktail is served in a sealed jar and will shock you when you're not hit with the strong bourbon taste.  This cocktail is surprisingly sweet since it's made with maple and chocolate!

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    Chocolate Pudding

    It sounds simple, but it's the fanciest pudding ever! If you like Reese's cups, you'll love this chocolate pudding that's made with salted caramel, peanut butter whipped cream and crushed peanuts.

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