It's no secret. 2020 was devastating for restaurant owners. 2021 has proven to have its own challenges. 

Many restaurants can't find enough employees to keep their kitchens and floors staffed. The employees at the ones who are trying to make it work with the staff they do have are feeling a little burnt out. That's a major part of why some of your favorite places to eat have reduced their hours or days of operation. They want to keep the staff they do have and know that these hardworking folks need a chance to recover.

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For some long term owners, they've had enough and are ready to retire from the industry. Other owners have realized they have other business interests and are ready to pass off what they've built to someone new.

That's the case with these five restaurants for sale in Boise. We'd love to tell you which ones they are, but we just don't know. All five of them are blind items listed for sale on Loop Net, a commercial real estate site. Think you can figure out which ones they are? We've pulled as many clues as we can out of their listings to help you solve the mystery.

If you super sleuths have any theories about which restaurants they are, let us know!

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