With stricter and stricter COVID-19 restrictions going into place around the country, we anticipate a much larger number of Thanksgiving Day celebrations than in years past. 

Before you freak out and yell "NO! That's the opposite of what we're supposed to do!" just think about it for a second. The number of celebrations will go up, simply because large family gatherings are being split up. Take my hair stylist for example. She's one of six sisters. Normally the sisters, their spouses and kids get together at their parent's home for an over the top Thanksgiving celebration. This year? That's not happening. Each sister is preparing Thanksgiving for their own household. One celebration, just became seven. Simple math.

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That also means a lot of people who've been part of large gatherings for decades will be preparing their very first Thanksgiving turkey. That's a BIG responsibility! If you happen to be one of those sudden home chefs and are terrified that your turkey will look great but deflate like the one in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, here are some folks you can turn to for a great Thanksgiving meal to-go!

a Tavola | 1515 W Grove St

When you order for at least 8, a Tavola is happy to put together a Traditional Thanksgiving Feat that includes brined turkey or an all natural turkey breast, Grandma's cornbread & sausage stuffing, hand mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, turkey pan gravy, green beans with shallots, cranberry sauces, rolls and sweat cream butter and pumpkin pie. The feast costs $39.95 per person. They're also offering an assortment of side dishes, desserts and breakfasts to enjoy on Black Friday. Orders must be placed by Friday, November 20 and include instructions for heating.

West Side Drive In | 1113 ParkCenter Blvd or 1929 State St

Chef Lou and his crew are ready to prepare turkey dinners for you! An individual dinner costs $18.99 and includes 10 oz of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, chestnut safe stuffing, cranberry-orange compote, a roll and butter. If you'd like additional meat and or sides, you can also buy them ala carte. Pre-orders are accepted through Monday, November 23. You can request hot or cold meals from either location for pick-up on Wednesday, November 25.

Tacanos | 1388 S Entertainment Ave

Tucanos has always offered some amazing Thanksgiving options and this year is no different. They have three different dinner options to-go this year starting at $105.99. Turkeys are oven roasted or deep fried. Sides include everything from green bean casserole to stuffing to grilled pineapple to three cheese mashed potatoes and more! Sides are also available ala carte. Orders must be in by 6 p.m. on Tuesday, November 24. They can be picked up on Thanksgiving.

Cracker Barrel | 1733 S Cole Rd

Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving Heat N' Serve meals are available in "feast" size ($139.99) that serves 8-10 or "dinner" size ($69.99) that serves 4-6. It comes cold, but is ready to heat in two hours. It includes turkey breast, dressing, gravy, cranberry relish, choice of sides like carrots, fried apples, sweet potato casserole, yeast rolls and more. The feast size also includes pie!

Richard's | 500 S Capitol Blvd

Richard's is offering a pix fixe dinner menu for pick-up on either Wednesday, November 25 or Thanksgiving, November 26. For $60 per person you get your choice of a starter, soup or salad, entree (they offer beef bourguignon and cannelloni in addition to turkey) with sides and a desert like pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate walnut torte or dutch apple pie. If you'd like, you can add on an bottle of wine for a perfect holiday pairing!


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