This. Is. So. Rad!

I'll be honest, I'm one of those people who lives and works in Southeast Boise...and if I don't really need to leave my neighborhood, I won't. The one exception? Monday evenings, I'll drive straight into rush hour traffic on I-84 to make my 5:45 Cyclebar class at the Village at Meridian. I belong to another gym that offers spinning as part of your membership and that gym is literally in my backyard, but because of how inspirational their instructors are, Cyclebar is one of those things I've found to be so, so good for the soul so the drive is totally worth it.

Next Monday, not only do I have class to look forward to, I have something to look forward to afterwards as well! It's something that I can't wait to see with my own two eyes! Starting this Thursday, The Village at Meridian will kick off their "12 Days of Christmas" Magic of the Holidays 3D light show! The Village reached out to Paintscaping Inc., a company at the forefront of 3D animation modeling, to create the show that will appear above Anthropologie at 15 past and 45 past the hour, every hour, from 6:15-10:45 p.m. starting Thursday, December 12. It happens every night through December 23.

The show alternates with special holiday themed displays from the dancing fountain in Fountain Square.

Just how cool will it be? The Village at Meridian shared this way cool preview video on their Facebook page.

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