We know you guys. If you win tonight's Idaho Lottery Million Dollar Raffle, you'll do something responsible with the money. Pay off your debt. Save for your child's college fund. But sometimes it's fun to dream about spending that money on a big fancy, dream home...right?

We sure think so! Tonight's the big night. The Idaho Lottery's Million Dollar Raffle is your best odds at winning one million dollars because there are only 250,000 tickets sold each year and they're only sold in Idaho. This year 100% of the tickets were sold out by Friday, December 20 helping the lottery reach the fastest sell out since 2009. It was also the fourth time in the raffle's 13 year history that it sold out before Christmas Day.

If you were lucky enough to grab a ticket before they were gone, tonight's the big night! The winning raffle ticket will be pulled at 9:59 p.m. on Thursday, January 2. If you hit it big, are blessed enough to be debt free and are looking for a dream home, here's three extremely fancy homes that are currently on the market for just under $1million.

Scroll through the photos below or click the address to see even more snapshots of these beautiful homes.

3705 square feet | 4 bedrooms | 3.5 baths

2983 square feet | 4 bedrooms | 2.5 baths

3078 square feet | 4 bedrooms | 3 baths

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