A few weeks ago, we walked out of the mall empty handed after COVID restrictions made it very difficult to actually get inside any of the stores that we wanted to shop at. When we shared our experience, many of you were quick to tell us what you really thought of the mall. 

The general consensus? Yes, the COVID restrictions have made shopping there extra unpleasant but over all the mall just isn't what it used to be.  Emily T. said the last time she shopped there was in 2019. Pamela W. couldn't remember when the last time she had been to the mall was, but it had been years. Chris C. thinks that at this point, there aren't many retailers worth shopping and too many shoes stores.

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While we agree with Rick B., that no trip to Boise Towne Square is complete without an Orange Julius it's super sad that Orange Julius is only one of the ten remaining original tenants from when the mall opened to great fanfare in 1988. The other remaining original tenants are Café Ole (exterior business,) Claire's, JCPenney, Merle Norman Cosmetics, Victoria's Secret, Zales, Footlocker, Lane Bryant and Spencer Gifts.  Some of those retailers are in their original locations. Others have shifted to different store fronts over the year.

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So which stores have come and gone over the years? This is certainly not a full list, but these are some of the ones we have the most vivid memories of. Feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page and tell us about other stores you remember shopping at that are now gone from the mall.

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