Nampa's 'Big K' Kmart store at 1813 Caldwell Blvd closed its doors for the last time in August 2018.  

Until this fall, the building has been pretty sad and lonely. Its parking lot has played host to offsite car sales for Team Mazda or a Christmas tree lot for Hopkins Evergreens during the holiday season. That changed in October when Ray's Diesel & Automotive Repair moved their shop into what used to be Kmart's autocare center on the side of the building facing Karcher Road.

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Even with the mechanics moved in, most of the building remains vacant and we're curious what you'd like to see move in. We're not surprised that many of you said you wanted your Kmart back. Don't shoot the messenger, but that's not going to happen. By the end of this year, there will be less than 10 locations left in the United States.

Another big handful of you told us Hastings. We miss Hastings too, but they closed all of their stores nationwide in 2016. Those stores went on to become an Idaho Pizza Company, D&B Supply, TradeViet Asian Specialty Foods, a DMV and Zurchers. Hastings isn't coming back either...but there is a similar store on the list that you gave us!

Here are 23 things our listeners thought would be a perfect fit for the old Kmart building.

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