There are a disturbing number of websites encouraging people to move to Boise. Not surprisingly, most of them are put together by realtors that will make a big fat commission off selling a home here or relocation companies who will also make some cash in this transaction.

Didn't they get the memo that "we're full?" Once Boise television legend Mark Johnson says so, it is so.

But perhaps you stumbled across this article because you're considering a move to Boise and it came up in your search results.  We're going to shoot you straight, because well...we're not going to make any money if you decide to move here.

Photo by Alden Skeie on Unsplash
Photo by Alden Skeie on Unsplash

15 Reasons You Should Absolutely NOT to Move to Boise

Those of us who've called Boise home for decades know that it's a special place. But if you're considering a move here, there are plenty of things you need to know before making that final decision. Also, you'll have to get on a waiting list. We're full.

This list is meant to be humorous with just a dash of truth thrown in for spice. It is not intended for keyboard warriors without a sense of humor.

Again, this list was meant to be humorous and fun. Don't be so serious. You're going to get wrinkles.  If you enjoyed it and laughed, keep on reading for some more hilariously honest truths about Boise! 

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