When you consider all of the important things that have happened in the news cycle over the past 24 hours, you'll scratch your head wondering how KTVB's evening news anchor became a Twitter sensation. Don't worry, we're doing the same thing. 

Before I fell asleep last night, I noticed several of my friends simply tweeting the name "Mark Johnson" back to what appears to be an auto-Tweet from KTVB's account simply listing the anchor's name and a link to his bio on the station website.

Naturally people had questions. What about Mark Johnson? Is he retiring? Celebrating a milestone on the airwaves in Boise? We could rule out "did he die?" because we were watching him on the 10 'clock news as the tweet started to take off.

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By the time I woke up, Mark had become an overnight Twitter sensation! This morning's top trending story in the United States is out of Columbus, Ohio where a teenage girl was fatally shot yesterday night. The number two trending story? Mark Johnson.

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In their blurb about Mark, Twitter explained: "Idaho news anchor Mark Johnson has become an unlikely internet obsession after KTVB tweeted out an article about him with no context other than his name."

If you scroll through the memes and replies, you'll laugh your butt off. We have been since we started reading them at 5 a.m. This is ALMOST as good as when Mark went viral in 2019 for slipping the line "So we just wanted to let you know that if and when you return home and get the family together to talk about the possibility of moving here, you should know well...we're full. All full," into a report about the U.S. Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championship taking place in Boise.

Here's some of our favorite Mark Johnson Tweets from overnight.

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