Sure, you work to get paid! But how about making a little extra cash just for listening to the Best Variety of the 80s, 90s and today on the job? That's what the LITE-FM Payroll Payout is all about!

Starting next Monday, April 5, we're where you come to win cash - up to $10,000! The question is, how would you spend the money if you win? Hubby and I debated this over the weekend and he didn't think I was serious with my answer. I'd buy a car just like my first car that I drove when I turned 16.

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Before you assume that I got handed down a really cool car like a Torino or a Mustang, only to have to part with it because the engine blew and there way more work that needed to go into it than I could actually afford...that's not the case at all. There was nothing cool about my first carl. It was a 2004 Chevy Cavalier coupe. It didn't have power locks or power windows. The only bell or whistle it had was a CD player. As much as I LOVE my Subaru Crosstrek, I've started having dreams about my first car lately and I miss it. My car wasn't even $10,000 brand new, so if I won the money it's a very doable dream.Listen to Michelle Heart mornings on 107.9 LITE-FM and download the LITE-FM app.

Of course, I can't win the cash. That $10,000 is for you! If it seems like such a huge number that you can't wrap your mind around how you'd spend it, we've come up with 10 very Idaho ways to do it!

10 Very Idaho Ways to Spend $10,000

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