It's hard to beat a meal cooked with love at a restaurant with its roots in the Treasure Valley but sometimes you end up choosing something else simply because of proximity.

Trust us, we've been there. There are plenty of evenings where we just haven't had the energy to cook and have ended up at the same restaurant multiple times in a single week simply because it's in our neighborhood.

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That's the only drawback of really good locally owned restaurants. Sometimes, you pass on them because they only have one location and it's nowhere close to you when the craving strikes. Wouldn't it be nice if those incredibly delicious local gems had a second location closer to you?

We think so and these are 10 that we would absolutely LOVE to see open a second location!

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It's hard to do food better than a restaurant born and raised right here in the Treasure Valley! The only draw back to some of those local favorites? There's only one location! These are a few that we think deserve a second location and a chance to grow!

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