Confession time. I'm directionally challenged. Chances are I'm never going to able to find the one I saw last week if I try to drive to it. 

Somewhere along the way, I had to have had a teacher fail me. I have no sense of direction. I'm the type of person who thinks north is always in front of me, no matter what direction I'm facing. For the first year or so that I lived in Boise I had no idea how to get to Julia Davis Park in the car. I only knew how to get there by running the Greenbelt.

Unfortunately, a decade later I'm having the same problem with some of the coolest Halloween decorations I've ever seen! Last week, I went for a run in Southeast Boise and took the part of the Greenbelt that takes you on a path through a neighborhood.  That path eventually drops you off at Barber Park.  Somewhere in that neighborhood, I came across a house with some awesome Halloween decorations! I ran past it pretty quick, but there was something that looked like a giant glowing volcano and a lemonade stand manned by a skeleton selling some brains. I'll have to run it again this weekend to take a few pictures so I can show you!

Until I can find it, you can check out these other awesome Halloween displays.  William Higginson, the man behind The Boise Christmas Lights Facebook page, has done a great job rounding them up! If you haven't liked his page yet, do it now so that come Christmas time, you'll know where ALL the best holiday light displays are too!  He puts a lot of time and effort into an incredible resource for the Treasure Valley!

The Armor Light Show | 3426 N Armor St., Boise

451 W Maple Ave., Meridian

The Schuler Light Show | 927 N Wolfsburg Ave, Meridian

P.S. William, if you happen to have the address for the cool house I saw, I'd love to actually drive to it instead of running there!

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