2022 has been a pretty wild year for weather in Boise. 

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All winter, we talked about how disappointed we were about our lack of snow. Idaho, especially our part of the state, faced a pretty significant drought. When a pretty soggy spring rolled around, we were all grateful. The foothills hadn’t looked so green in a long, long time. At the same time, many of us were wondering when summer weather would actually hit the Treasure Valley. We enjoyed warm, sunny weather during the work week when we didn’t have any time to spend outside. When the weekend rolled around? Cold, gray, windy, rainy, yuck. 

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Flash forward to July? While Ada County is still considered “abnormally dry” our drought situation has improved a lot. That said, we’re heading into a week that could come close to setting a scorching record. The record number of consecutive triple-digit days in Boise is nine. There are 7 predicted this week. The days that bookend those triple-digit temperatures have highs of 99, so if things change even a little bit? We’re looking at tying that record. 

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It’s days like these that you feel thankful that the men in your office have the thermostat set uncomfortably cold. If that sounds like your job, consider yourself lucky. There are certain jobs in the Treasure Valley that are exceptionally stink to work at this time of year. Based on some info from OSHA and a poll of our listeners, these are the jobs that you DON’T want to have during a Boise heat wave. 

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