How do you turn one of Disney's most beloved animated films into the #1 musical in the world? See for yourself when The Lion King comes to Boise for a three week engagement! 

For those of you who don't know, I was a total "Orch Dork" when I was younger.  I spent eight years playing cello in my school's music programs. Music from Disney movies were always my favorite thing to play in concert and to be part of the pit orchestra for a Disney musical (Beauty & the Beast) my senior year...well that's an experience, I'll never forget.  It was so cool to see what happens behind the scenes to make each piece of a Disney story come together!

Empire State Building Lighting Ceremony Honoring The 15th Anniversary Of Broadway's "The Lion King"
Andy Kropa, Getty Images

While putting together those pieces the Broadway show for The Lion King, the team behind it had a challenge to conquer that other Disney musicals like Beauty and the Beast and Frozen didn't have to face. 100% of the cast is made up animals.  There's not one human character in the story! But the very talented director, Julie Taymor, made it happen! She was able to bring the magic of the Serengeti come to life in such a way that you forget the giraffes, birds, gazelles and lions you're watching are actual humans in masks or puppets. It's hard to put the beauty of the stage production into words, so we've got to send you to send you and your sweetie to see it!

If it's been a while since you're last date night.  And we mean a REAL date night without the kids or double dating with the neighbors, we want to give you our last pair of tickets to see The Lion King on Halloween night and treat you to a romantic dinner at Cottonwood Grille!

Want to be there? Get to filling out the form!

Make sure you check out the great seats still available for Halloween night HERE!

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