Have we returned to normal? It would appear that most of us are looking forward to getting away from the daily grind. However, based on the rising cost of gasoline, the question is, can any of us afford to go on vacation?

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Business Insider details how bad it's gotten for consumers who plan to use the airlines this summer. Airline fuel has risen by 22% since the beginning of the year. The industry has responded to the escalating energy cost by passing along the additional costs to the customers. AAA Idaho/Oregon believes that you'll pay an average of $160 more for a flight this year.

San Diego

Industry watchers have noted that airline tickets have risen by 40% this year, and they expect an additional 10% increase next month. Consumers seem to be willing to pay more after two years of Covid. The Biden Administration is fighting a recent court decision to eliminate the mask mandates for airlines and airports.

Is there a better time to travel?

Compared to last year, anything travel like flights, rental cars, cruises, and hotels is up 122% over the previous year. The travel agency recommends that you purchase your tickets sooner rather than later if you want to get away during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, reports AAA in a release.

Orange County

"AAA says that the best time to purchase Memorial Day airfare this year is about two weeks before the holiday, when passengers will pay an average of $445 per ticket. Those who prefer a longer booking window (28 to 60 days in advance) will pay $25 more per ticket. But buyer beware – last-minute flights this year will cost nearly double at around $845 per ticket."

If you're looking to getaway at an affordable rate experts recommend working with a travel agent or scanning the several travel web sites.

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