I honestly feel like I should be wearing a suit made of bubble wrap today.  I'm sitting here in the studio hoping not to hurt myself some how.

Friday the 13th long has the history of being considered "unlucky" by the superstitious. Why? I'm not entirely sure.  Some believe it goes back to biblical times where 13 people attended Jesus's last supper before he was crucified on Good Friday.  A study by the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute estimates that over 17 million Americans fear Friday the 13th for one reason or another.

I'm definitely one of those people and feel no shame about it.  Twice in my life, I've ended up in the ER on Friday the 13th and truly believe that Friday the 13th is 100% cursed.

Remember when those Razor scooters first hit the market? Everyone in the neighborhood had one and they were a fun way to get to and from places like the local pool or a friends house.  There was an Arby's about a mile away from our house growing up, so my sister and I loved to ride ours down there to grab jamocha milkshakes.  We decided to do exactly that one ill fated Friday the 13th. We were only a few hundred  feet from the parking lot when I hit a bump with my scooter and crashed down on the sidewalk.  I wasn't a graceful child, so instead of landing on my butt and just getting scraped up, I landed on my wrist and broke it.  It swelled up almost instantly and my sister insisted that we call my mom to pick us up from the payphone at Arby's.  I told her we were absolutely NOT doing that...until we had our milkshakes.  Sure enough by the time my mom got to us, my wrist was huge and we immediately went to have X-rays done.  It was most definitely broken and even worse? Because it wasn't just Friday the 13th, but Good Friday as well, I had to spend Easter in a splint because there were no orthopedic offices open to cast me until Monday.

Flash forward 3 years and I'm running in our league championships in track and field on Friday the 13th.  During Cross Country season, I had a stress fracture in my foot and stubborn me decided to not totally follow my doctors orders on how to recover from it.  That led to an ankle injury during indoor track season and I seriously struggled my entire junior year.  By the 3200 meter run at leagues, I knew something wasn't quite right with my legs but my team needed the points so I decided to run anyway.  Sure enough I feel something pull to the point where it felt like someone stuck a knife in my calf during the 8th /final lap of the race.  I hobbled off and sat on the metal bleachers as a thunderstorm rolled in (and postponed rest of the meet) while my dad went to get the car to take me to the ER.  As I sat there waiting to be stuck by lightning because I couldn't walk, I thought to myself "Darn you Friday the 13th! You got me again!" Oh and because my coaches had held me out of a meet earlier that season, it also happened to be my 13th meet of the season.

So, forgive me when I call BS when people tell me that Friday the 13th being unlucky is all in my head.  The day is truly unlucky and I'm just going to sit here hoping I don't get hurt before the day is over!

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