I've now lived in Boise for six months.  For my six month anniversary, I want to celebrate by eating the quintessential Boise food.  I just don't know what that is.  It really depends on who you ask, I guess.  If you went by driving around the Boise area, you might think that Pizza is Boise's official food.  There are all kinds of great, local pizza places.  You've got the Flying Pie, Red Bench, Idaho Pizza Company, Chicago Connection, and Pie Hole, to name a few.  Being in Idaho, you would think that whatever our official food would be would contain some potatoes.  However, a quick Google search will turn up a meal that I've never heard of.  Deep-fried cube steak known as "finger steaks."  Apparently, the Finger Steak was invented in Boise at what is now a strip club, The Torch Lounge.  Back in the '50s, when it was created, The Torch featured fully clothed employees.  Is that the must-have food in Boise, or is it something else?  Asking for a friend.

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