I've long said that the Backstage Bistro at Village Cinema is one of the best kept secrets in The Village at Meridian.  The theater that houses it is about to see some big changes! 

Yes, I know the headline sounds morbid but the big news surrounding The Village's first movie theater actually rocks. There's been expansion plans for The Village in the works for years and now we know that part of those plans is to give Village Cinema a major upgrade.

According to KTVB, in the next couple of weeks crews will start ripping seats out of the theater cutting it's seating from 1200+ seats to somewhere between 600-700 seats.  Those remaining seats will be replaced by larger, all leather reclining chairs!  After trying to sit through a double feature of DeadPool 2 and Solo: A Stars Wars Story last week, I couldn't be more excited for the new chairs. For some reason if I sit too long, my legs really start to hurt so I spent more of Solo trying to get comfortable by twisting sideways and throwing my legs over the empty seat next to me. These new seats will make it easier for people like me to enjoy a full movie in the theater without feeling the need to get up and walk around.  For the rest of you, it's an excuse to get comfy in front of the big screen.

So will the upgrade to the seats make your movie going experience more expensive? Probably not.  A rep from Cinema West, who owns the theater, tells KTVB that when they've cut the seating in favor of larger seats in other theaters, they've seen their revenue go up without raising ticket prices.

New Theater Planned

Cinema West is going to be busy at The Village over the next few months.  Not only are they making the upgrades to the existing theater, they're planning to break ground on a second Village theater targeting adults.  Rather than your typical concession stand, the lobby at the new theater will feature a large bar and nightclub lounge type of atmosphere.  Like the current VIP area at Village Cinema, guests at the new theater can have their favorite beer, wine or cocktail and amazing meal delivered to their seats. We just hope the Backstage Bistro's Mozzarella Spring Rolls make the menu at this location too!

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