The Village at Meridian is growing again!

If you know me well, you know that I'm a creature of habit and that I despise driving anywhere.  That's part of the reason I love my neighborhood that's all of two miles from the station.  I can run to the Greenbelt from here.  I live across the street from a grocery store, West Side Drive-In and behind a Walgreens. There's virtually no reason to leave Southeast Boise...

...except to workout with my friends.  I'll brave rush hour traffic at least twice a week to get my fit on. That said, we were leaving a spin class back in mid-August and noticed a sign on one of the buildings that said "Madewell." I looked at my friend and said "I should Google that and see what it is" but completely forgot about it the next day because of my car accident on the way to the Bret Michaels concert the next day.

And then I saw the name "Madewell" pop-up again today on Boise Dev. My cycle buddy and I had speculated that maybe it was a store that would feature uniquely Idaho made goods and services, but we couldn't have been more wrong.  Our friend Don revealed that Madewell is actually an off shoot of J. Crew. The women's clothing store is something that I'll probably fall in love with quickly because I struggle finding jeans that  actually fit me well and are long lasting. Their mission is making great jeans...and showing you exactly what to wear them with (as someone who normally depends on a styling service box to plan my outfits, I think that's super rad!0

There's no word on exactly when the store plans to open, but once it's complete you'll find it between PINK and Lush Cosmetics.

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