When you donate to Christmas Wish, where does your money go? Last week, a Christmas Wish was granted for Kristi and her three children. The family has a van that is unreliable but necessary due to her youngest, Jaya, being wheelchair dependent. In one day's time, Jaya has been admitted into the hospital and the family is spending their days away from home. 

On Friday, we were able to be part of a Christmas Wish that was granted in a huge way. While at the hospital waiting for her son to go into a procedure, we called Kristi with Rob from Team Mazda Subaru on the phone. They surprised Kristi with an offer not only to fix her van but to pick up the van, bring it to Team Mazda Subaru, fix it and then bring it back to the hospital. She didn't have to lift a finger. For when her van is running like new, she has been gifted (on behalf of you, who has donated to Christmas wish) $100 gas card from Ultra Touch Car Wash on Overland and Fairview in Meridian and $100 for groceries and gifts.

That afternoon, Jaya had come out of a procedure and was in his room when Kristi texted me an invite up to their room. The whole family was there. In the small room were her two girls, Jaya in his bed having IV tape removed from his arms, Kristi's mom and Kristi. There was also a sweet nurse who was speaking softly to Jaya knowing she was doing one of the least fun things in the world and the girls were quietly talking to each other. I stayed for just a short amount of time gifting the family their Christmas Wish prizes.

Yesterday, I received this text from Kristi:

Hi, this is Kristi, one of your wish recipients. I just wanted to say thank you again. Team Mazda has my van right now, hopefully they can fix it! Also, the gift card came in very handy. Jaya has been so bored, & needed stuff to do in the hospital & cheering up. So I got him a Christmas tree for his room, and some crafts to help keep him busy. We are STILL in the hospital, so it takes a lot to entertain him!

credit: Kristi - Christmas Wish


credit: Kristi - Christmas Wish

Model car we put together. Also, you are more than welcome to share the link to his FB page so people can see who they helped!

credit: Kristi - Christmas Wish


100% of your donation goes toward Christmas Wish thanks to Idaho Trust Bank!