There is an incredible organization I just found out about called Leap Charities. They specialize in helping those in the less than 50% of income for the areas average. They help in many ways including rental help, going from renter to owner assistance and other ways to help struggling families get into a safe and more permanent living situation.

My favorite things I found out about is the Leap organizations building communities. Working with organizations and donations from our Treasure Valley Community they have been developing affordable housing using upcycled Shipping Containers. The final result is beautiful.

Growing up my grandmother was a bit of a hoarder and had a shipping container in her yard to help hold all of her 'treasures'. So when I think of shipping containers on properties my mind goes to that, and it was not pretty, it was quite the eye sore but I loved grandma so much it didn't matter. However what they have done with these upcycled shipping containers has me all kinds of impressed. I'd like to see Pinterest top it.

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With building partners, IndieDwell they have been converting shipping containers into highly energy efficient, modern, and eco-friendly homes. Each affordable rental unit is 4 bedroom, 2 bath with 960 square feet.

If you or someone you know could use some extra help or if you are just interested in checking out more about how to partner help check out the website at

Also if you are a DIY fanatic... are you as impressed as I am with these shipping container transformations!?!


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