As we head into Christmas, what many believe to be a wonderful holiday, others find incredibly stressful. Not being able to provide Christmas for their families like their parents did for them is often a point that causes disappointment and even shame. This year, when so many people are struggling financially, there is a health crisis where the extended family may not be able to participate in Christmas the same way that they did in the past. Many have lost loved ones, patriarchs and matriarchs of families that in years past have been at the center of holiday gatherings are no longer here. These are just some of the reasons people may feel more depressed around Christmas this year, which is a trigger for drinking.

According to a recent study by, Idaho ranks first in an unhealthy category, and it has nothing to do with the number of candy canes that we will consume. It's about how much the average Idahoan will drink this year. According to the study, the average Idahoan will drink six days in a row without a break this Christmas. That is two days longer than the average American.

There are reasons to be concerned for friends and loved ones, who in this survey admitted that during the lockdown period, they began to drink more and even spike their morning coffee with alcohol, even on workdays while working from home. Others say that they will drink more to celebrate being with friends and family during a year in which they felt isolated and alone. It's just one more reason to make sure that you are checking in with your friends and loved ones during these strange times.


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