If there's one thing the Treasure Valley really knows how to do right during Halloween season, it's host the best Trunk or Treats! 

If you're one of our newer neighbors, you may not be familiar with "Trunk-or-Treats." Where you grew up, each town had its own official trick-or-treat hours and going door-to-door is how you got it done. While kids still do some door-to-door Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night, it's not how you score the best haul of candy in our area!

Everyone in the Boise area knows the best place to load up on sweets is in parking lots of local businesses, town halls and churches. During a Trunk-or-Treat, participating cars and vans pop open their decorated trunks so that children can safely make their way from parking spot to parking spot, collecting a stash of Pixie Sticks, Candy Corn and more.


We're working hard on our decorations for this year's Meridian Trunk or Treat on October 27! But hey, maybe Meridian's a little bit out of your way and you're looking for a trunk-or-treat a little closer to your neighborhood. Check out our guide and find the one closest to you.

If your business or organization is hosting a trunk-or-treat and would like to be added to this list, click HERE to send us an e-mail. Make sure you include the date, time, location and address for the event. If you have a link with more details, send that our way too.

Boise and the Treasure Valley's Ultimate Trunk-Or-Treat Guide 2022

Spooky Season is here and before you know it, the kids will be dressed up in their costumes and on the hunt for their favorite sweets! This is a round-up of Trunk-Or-Treat events currently set for this Halloween season! Click the event for more details about what they have planned. Some have costumed contests. Others have adoptable pets in costume. If you're hosting one and would like to be added to our list click HERE.

KEEP READING: Trunk-spiration for Meridian's Trunk or Treat

Struggling to find a theme for your business, non-profit or organization's trunk for this year's Meridian Trunk or Treat on October 27? We'll take care of the ideas for you, you just need to need to bring them to life! Here are some possible themes you can use this year!

BTW, the photos from Oriental Trading are full Trunk or Treat kits! If you have no arts and crafts skills whatsoever, you can click the name of the theme and buy the whole kit.

Boise's Best Pet Halloween Costumes

Is there anything more wholesome than pets in costumes? Thank you to all the fur moms and fur dads who sent these our way!

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