It’s not hard to find great Halloween decorations in the Treasure Valley. You can find well decorated homes with all kinds of lights, inflatables, video, smoke, and even pop-ups. The combinations can range from scary to silly.

To stand out, a Halloween display has to be creative, different, and requires a lot of custom work.  In order to do that, many hours must be dedicated to the project.

We found one house that stands above the rest.  Inspired by the Netflix series, Stranger Things, the display at 9550 Linfield Drive in Boise, is one of a kind.

A father-daughter project that has been in the works since August, brings to life some of the darkest, scariest, and iconic characters and moments from the sci-fi thriller into an immersive and interactive display.

Go ahead, sit on Joyce’s couch and wait for a message from the Upside Down.  Come face to face with Vencna. Stare into the face of the Demogorgon.  See Eddie Munson rock out and Max levitate as her time expires.

You can see the planning and hard work that this display took.  There are plenty of amazing displays to see in the Boise-area, but you’re not going to see another one like this, ever.

For fans of Halloween, the display has plenty of creepy, but for fans of Stranger Things, it has so much more.  Seeing Eddie Munson on the garage is worth the drive from anywhere in the Treasure Valley.  This is a display that we expect to continue to expand and get even better in the coming years and we can’t wait!

Boise’s Stranger Things House

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