How much does Boise love Halloween? Enough that there's been a Trunk-Or-Treat event somewhere in the Treasure Valley every weekend in October. 

Have you been watching the forecast for Monday, October 31 like a hawk? So have we! And the good news is that while things look a little grey and cold for Trunk-Or-Treat events happening on Hallo-Weekend, things look great for actual Halloween! The chance of showers we thought could happen on Halloween has been pushed back to Tuesday. We're looking at a partly cloudy day with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60ºs.

With the weather on your side, it's time to make a game plan for trick-or-treating. Harrison Boulevard's annual Halloween spectacular is back in action this year, but maybe you have littles you know won't last that long or don't like crowds. In that case, staying in your own neighborhood is a great option!

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Coming home with the maximum amount of candy when trick-or-treating through the neighborhood takes a little planning and luckily there's a cool tool to help! Nextdoor has re-activated its Treat Map for 2022!

Members of the free social network for neighborhoods, can check in and say whether or not they plan on handing out goodies this year.  If they select that they are, their home turns into an icon that looks like a piece of candy.


If you're a dog-friendly home, that's passing out dog treats in addition to candy, your home turns into a little puppy face. Really want people to admire your decorations? You can select the haunted house icon to show that your haunted decor is "BOO-tiful."

Ready to give it a try? Click HERE! Want to get every night of Halloween weekend? Keep scrolling to check out a bunch of Trunk-Or-Treat events happening in the area!

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Spooky Season is here and before you know it, the kids will be dressed up in their costumes and on the hunt for their favorite sweets! This is a round-up of Trunk-Or-Treat events currently set for this Halloween season! Click the event for more details about what they have planned. Some have costumed contests. Others have adoptable pets in costume. If you're hosting one and would like to be added to our list click HERE.

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