We had to do a double take at the National Weather Service's Boise based Twitter account this morning. For the first time in 51 days, the temperature in Boise dropped under 60º. 

According to the tweet, Boise hit a low temperature of 53º on Monday morning and quite frankly, it felt amazing when we walked out to the car before work this morning! But will the cool temps stick around?

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NOPE! The NWS's forecast for Boise shows us soaring back into the triple digits by Friday. In fact, 2021's got a good shot of tying the record for the most 100º degree days in a single year by the end of the week. The current record stands at 20 and was set in 2003. We've already had 17 triple digit days this year.

Whether the temperatures agree or not, summer is starting to wind down. As families start to gear up for "Back To School" season, it sure would be nice to have a convenient place to cool off right in the backyard after all that shopping...right?

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