If you're tossing around a few possible dates for your wedding and you are dying to know which one is historically the most likely to have the perfect weather forecast, you gotta check this out.  You could even cheat and use this tool to plan your next backyard barbecue and then count on a sunny and 72-degree day.

Bloomingdale's has come up with a new online tool that uses weather data from 1981-2010 to help predict days that should have nice weather to come up with the best possible date to tie the knot.  If history holds, the odds of having great weather on certain calendar days will be in our favor.

I checked on Boise's perfect day, and if you're going to book this date in 2018, you've only got a month!  But there's always 2019.  First, the method.

They're using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to come up with the best wedding date.  The Royals may have used this handy little tool when they picked May 19th, because that worked out pretty well in Windsor.

What's the perfect weather day to you anyway?  If cloudy, snowy, and 30 degrees is your ideal day, then this tool is going to be a huge disappointment for you.  Bloomingdale's defines the "perfect" wedding day as one that has an average temperature of 72ºF, low cloud cover, low chance of precipitation and relative humidity of 50 percent or less.  They're pretty detailed about it.

According to the tool, the best day to get married in Boise this year is June 30th.  One month from today!  So you'd better get crackin'.  Or plan for the end of June next year.  The tool says September 1, 2018, is supposed to be a great weather day too.  And you can look up any date to get the typical highs, lows, and cloud situations for that day.

If you're picking a wedding date by numbers and not by weather, 8-18-18 is supposed to be a big day for weddings this summer.  Brides and grooms who really like 8's will tie the knot that day, and with an easy number like that, they'll have no excuse for forgetting the anniversary.

Whenever you do it, congrats!  If you use the tool, find your perfect date, and it rains all day, well, it's got to be the exception and not the rule. Kinda like the groom's cake.

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