Will This Wedding Trend Catch on in Boise?
Something new is happening with brides and grooms, and while it could be a fantastic new way to tie the knot, it may also really upset your grandma. Would you ever combine last names to invent a completely new one?
This Online Tool Helps You Pick the Perfect Wedding Date
If you're tossing around a few possible dates for your wedding and you are dying to know which one is historically the most likely to have the perfect weather forecast, you gotta check this out. You could even cheat and use this tool to plan your next backyard barbecue.
A $100 Wedding Gift Might Be Too Cheap
April, May, and June are huge months for weddings, so your smart phone calendar might be filling up on Saturdays.
How much are you spending on a gift?  Brides and grooms are raking it in!  Here's how much we should be spending, and it varies depending on how close you are to the happy …
Brides Wedding Dance
Here is the latest viral video of a Bride doing a sultry dance for her groom. Renata Bresciani posted a video of her dance performance at her wedding.
Usually the first dance is something slow and loving for the bride and groom, but not in this case...
Cute Or Totally Tacky?
This weekend was my cousin's wedding.  My son and I flew over to Seattle for the wedding Saturday night and then back home to Boise last night.
We did some clothes shopping last week since I needed some clothes that would fit my new smaller body (thanks Idaho Fat Loss) and my son's lar…

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