It doesn't look like much from the outside, but somehow this West Boise home caught the eye of an incredibly popular TikTok influencer. 

@zillowgonewild is a TikTok account where the user narrates some of the craziest features found inside homes for sale all over the United States. Some of his finds include a full blown casino in a Florida luxury home, a Star Wars themed bunked rooms that look like they're straight out of Disney and an airplane themed movie theater that makes you feel like you're flying in first class while you're enjoying your film.

So, how did a $525,000 home in Boise, Idaho get on his radar? Someone tipped him off to what was hiding inside the garage - a full blown, commercial grade, licensed brewery! It turns out, this sellers are Beth and Steve Bechtel, the owners of Bear Island Brewing.

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The Bechtels bought the home from the late Harry Hans, a local legend in his own right, back in 2013. Not long after they moved into the home of the beloved Boise mailman, the couple set-up their brewing equipment in the two car garage and got to work. They ended up selling their first keg on Small Business Saturday in 2014.

As the brewery grew in popularity, the Navy veterans knew they needed a bigger location and started looking for their new location. In 2018, they were able to secure the old Boise Firehouse #6 that was decommissioned in 1991. With a little remodeling and a whole lot of TLC, it became their new brewery and tap house on Liberty Street.

With the popular brewery up and running in that location, the Bechtels are moving on to their next home and selling the one where it all began. Take a look around! If you're an inspiring brewer, this might just be the home for you!

If you're interested, then you should have your fingers crossed that something doesn't work out. There's already a contingent offer on it.

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