Growing up, what toys did you remember having a lot of?

While I was born in the late '80s, most of my conscious memories of my childhood come from the early '90s. Growing up, I'm not sure who enjoyed our toys more: my sister and I or my dad. That said, I think that's why my dad always enjoyed our family trips to Toys R' Us. He seemed to let my sister and I indulge ourselves in whatever the hot toy of the moment was: Beanie Babies, Polly Pockets, Sky Dancers, Pogs, Power Rangers, Furbies...just to name a few.

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At some point during my childhood, I remember going through a horse phase where I had a huge stable of Grand Champion horses, Black Beauty was my favorite book and our family went to go see the "World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions" perform at the arena in our hometown. While my love of horses never panned out into any equestrian dreams, I still think horses are absolutely beautiful animals!

If you had similar experiences growing up, but you did find yourself raising horses you have to check out this incredible home for sale in Kuna! The 20-acre property doesn't just come with plenty of space to exercise and ride your horses outdoors, it also has an incredible 14,688 square foot indoor riding arena so that you can bond with your animals year round! The barn has six stalls with run and automatic heated waterers, a vet area, grooming stall and tack room.

Yeah, the horses that move into this property will have a pretty swanky place to live but the 6,300 square foot home is equally fabulous for the humans that take care of them! It's got five bedrooms, six baths, garages for seven cars (one has a HUGE bonus room with it's on bathroom about it,) a mudroom and three gas fireplaces. While those amenities are nice, we really think the most impressive part of the home is the 714 square foot INDOOR salt water pool and hot tub, complete with it's own diving board. Take a look around!

2725 E Deer Flat Rd | Kuna | $2,200,000 | 5 Beds, 6 Baths

Like what you see? Click HERE to see even more photos of the home!

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