Heck! If we had the money, we'd buy it for the atrium alone! 

I've ran past this home on Warm Springs Avenue for 10 years and always thought it was totally bizarre looking from the outside. I know that there are a lot of unique properties on Warm Springs that have geothermal features built into them. One of the properties just down the street from this one actually has a huge indoor geothermal swimming pool that covers most of the foot print of the house, so I always kind of wondered if this one did to.

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Now that it's for sale, I know that they don't have the same type of swimming pool but it does have a very unique atrium that houses a private, outdoor geothermal soaking pool. It looks like a mini Japanese Zen Garden! In fact, a lot of the house draws on Asian design principals.

Take a look around! It may look super weird on the outside, but inside the house has a lot of personality!

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