At the 135 years old, who new this North End property would be more than a century ahead of this time?!

Real talk. I love my husband to death, but this whole working from home thing has been less than ideal for us. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our schedules allowed me to come home and have at least three hours of total me time before he came home. I could fill that time any way I wanted: finishing up a work task, going for a run, trying new hair or make-up tutorials I got distracted by on YouTube, beating my Slingo Arcade daily challenges,  catching up on the TV shows he hates, taking an uninterrupted get the idea.

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When his employer made the decision to send the whole office home and keep them working from home until at least the end of August, POOF! That me time went away. He insisted that I could continue to enjoy those things while he's working in the afternoon, but here we are in mid-July and it hasn't panned out that way. Due to the nature of his job, he's making noise in our living room for almost three hours straight. I have to be silent. I can't use the internet. And if I try to take a nap in the other room, he'll come poke his head in every 15 minutes.

I'm desperate for my own space and some quiet time right now, which is why this cool property for sale in the North End caught my eye! Built in 1885, this house on Franklin St has something that could easily be considered the Holy Grail in 2020 - a 168 square foot detached studio space. The listing suggests using it as an artist retreat, yoga studio or even a small private guest quarters...but to me, it has HOME OFFICE written all over it!

Your own office building. On your property. Not an make shift office set-up in a spare bedroom, basement or kitchen table. It's a pandemic dream come true!

Beyond that, the main house itself is pretty cool! It was owned by the same family for 48 years and they put a lot of effort into modernizing the inside while keeping the vintage charm on the exterior. Take a look around!

1512 W Franklin Blvd | 4 bedrooms | 2 baths | 3,155 Square Ft | $775,000

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