The commercials, the halftime show, and the snacks!  There are so many important things to absorb during the Super Bowl.  Oh, and the game too.  Even though the Seahawks aren't playing, we can kinda feel like we're cheering for the home team.  A handful of players in the Super Bowl have Idaho ties.

And they all play for the Broncos.

Shiloh Keo plays free safety for Denver, and went to college at Idaho.  He's the guy who recovered the Patriots' onside kick with 12 seconds left to seal the win for the Broncos.  Number 33 if you're looking for him on the field on Super Bowl Sunday.

Matt Paradis has made 18 straight starts for the Broncos at center, and went to high school at Council High and then college at Boise State.

Ryan Clady is a backup offensive tackle for the Broncos, and was drafted out of Boise State in 2008.

You know that guy that they made The Blind Side about?  Michael Oher? He plays for the Carolina Panthers now, and movie fans might be pulling for his team to win.

I'll cheer for these Idaho players with ya.  Oh yeah, and that Peyton Manning guy!