Seahawks Fined Heavily for Face Covering Violations
The Sunday Night Football match-up between the Seahawks and Patriots was quite possibly the most exciting game of NFL Week 2. I should've been focused on big plays happening on both sides of the ball, but there was something else that I couldn't look away from.
Boise State Players Making An Impact In The NFL
Yesterday I told you where last year's Boise State Broncos football players were playing in the NFL this year. Today, I'll let you know where all of the high-profile and active former Broncos play this season. Many have changed teams, and with very little hype in this year's offseason…
Where Last Year's Broncos Are Playing In The NFL
As the NFL season kicks off, the Treasure Valley starts to get homesick for Albertson's Stadium. It's good to know that our Broncos are being represented in the pros. If we can't cheer for them on the blue, at least we can root for them from our couches as some of last year's sta…
NFL Draft Will Go On With Big Changes
Vegas isn't happening, so the NFL is having to make big changes to its plans for the NFL Draft in April. It will be a lot quieter this time, and all of the swivel chairs will be at least six feet apart.
Seahawks Games Are Among the NFL's Most Expensive
You may love your living room flat screen even more after this. Watching football there is so much cheaper! It will cost the average fan $146 to go to a Seahawks game this season, and that's among the most expensive game experience in the NFL.
How To Pick a Great Fantasy Football Team Name
The NFL season starts on September 5th, and now is the time for fantasy football drafts and rosters to be set. If you're still trying to settle on a witty team name and you're a Seahawks' fan, some options might be, "Russell Sprouts," or "Pete Carrol's Gum."

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