If you've got education and training in one of these health-care positions, your odds of finding a job in the Treasure Valley are really good.  There's a shortage of people like you, and these openings can sit open for weeks or months because HR can't find the right match.  

The Idaho Department of Labor released the good news last week that the jobless rate has dropped to 3.7 percent, and that's well below the national unemployment rate of 4.9.  We're doing okay in Idaho.  There are 784,200 people in Idaho with jobs, and the workforce is holding steady.

The job search process can be long and arduous though if you're looking for that new gig, and it can be tough on hiring managers too.  Especially if there's a shortage of workers in that field.

The hardest positions to fill it turns out, are mostly in healthcare fields.  Surgeons, family physicians, psychiatrists, and physical therapists are in high demand, and those job postings can remain open for a long time on the job sites.  If you're a high school student right now thinking about college majors, those would be great choices because you'll be in high demand once you finish school.

The absolute hardest jobs to fill are those in nursing, according to Boise Weekly.  And truck drivers right there with the nurses.  Good for you if  you can bear the Idaho winters on the roads.  The jobs are waiting.

There's a workshop coming up this Thursday to help with your resume.

That will be at the Idaho Department of Labor Office in Boise, and you'll learn how to target your resume to get the job you want, and you'll learn how to avoid common resume mistakes.  The workshop is from 3 until 4:15pm this Thursday, January 26th.  Click HERE to RSVP.

Boise Local Office
317 W Main Street
Boise, ID 83702

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