Idaho Unemployment Low
We have heard that our Idaho State economic conditions have looked good this year, and another indicator seems to be backing that as our unemployment rate is the lowest since 2008.
Idaho Minimum Wage Lags
They say keeping up with the Jones' can steal your happiness and satisfaction quickly, but sometimes, comparing to your neighbors helps you know if you're doing alright.
Idaho Unemployment Stays Flat
Perhaps it's not "good news," but it's also not "bad news," as Idaho's unemployment rate has remained steady at 3.6 percent as the state led national job growth simultaneously.
Idaho Job Growth Top In USA
Idaho has topped another list of states in the country, though this one might surprise you.  Our growth rate for jobs was four percent, and that gave us top honors in the Nation.
These Are the Hardest Jobs to Fill in Boise
If you've got education and training in one of these health-care positions, your odds of finding a job in the Treasure Valley are really good.  There's a shortage of people like you, and these openings can sit open for weeks or months because HR can't find the right match.