One of the worst feelings someone could experience has to be getting let go from their job. We don't mean someone who is trying to get fired or let go either. We mean that person who works hard and tries to do the right thing, but despite their best efforts - they still get axed.

The Idaho work environment can be very cut-throat

There are some amazing places to work in the Treasure Valley. But, even the best jobs have their bad apples. Sometimes, no matter what you do, the higher-ups will never be pleased, and here's the sad part... they can let you go for anything.

Even more bizarre, employees in Idaho aren't entitled to a "break."

That's right - you could be asked to work a full 12-hour day without a break and in the state of Idaho, that's perfectly legal.

Basically, your job status depends on the temperament of the person you work for because Idaho is an "at-will employment" state meaning your employer doesn't need a definite reason to let you go.

They can simply drop you like a bad habit without any reason - scary, right?

This had us toying around with the concept to come up with ten but petty reasons you can be let go from your job in Idaho.

Real quick though, if you've ever been let go for a reason you find "ridiculous" or "petty", let us know here! You can request to remain anonymous and we'd be more than happy to share your experience.

Let's get to the top ten petty but legal things you could be fired for in Idaho.

10 Petty But Legal Things You Can Be Fired For In Idaho

According to the Idaho Department of Labor, Idaho is a "work at will" state. This means you could get let go for pretty much anything. However, the Idaho Department of Labor does say an employee "should never be terminated for a discriminatory or retaliatory reason or a violation of public policy."

Here are some other ridiculous reasons you can get let go in Idaho...

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