Toxicity in the workplace is more prevalent today than ever. So much so, that people are now leaving their jobs in favor of a positive work environment over being compensated.

Money can't buy happiness

There's a wide variety of reasons that people are leaving their jobs and while most of us might feel that being underpaid is the primary reason, there have been several studies that indicate otherwise.

Among those is a report from Zipdo, which reports that a whopping 95% of employees prefer a positive work culture over compensation. And companies should pay attention, this same study also revealed that "organizations with strong cultures saw a 4 times increase in revenue growth."

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What defines a strong culture? Most of those surveyed in this report (8 in 10) say they feel like they're "always on."

When you're "always on", it can be difficult to live your life outside of work. You're rarely focused on loved ones, maybe checking emails or if you work a ton, you forget what to do with yourself when you're actually "off" of work.

Is there strength in numbers?

Some people feel that a company's culture is indicative of how many people they employ. Surely, a company that can afford to have hundreds, if not thousands of employees is successful, right?

It seems almost unrealistic to think a bad company could afford to have a negative culture and still maintain a strong presence in the local community. Word travels fast and suddenly, this company gains a reputation for being a terrible place to work.

That doesn't appear to be the case with these Boise companies that employ the most people! These companies further reinforce the concept of "strength in numbers" and they're clearly doing something right by employing so many people... right?

Let's take a look at which companies employ the most people in Boise.

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