Growing up, we're told not to call things stupid but let's be's the only word to describe Boise's housing market right now. 

A few weeks ago, we stumbled across a way too good to be true price for a charming cottage in the North End. Listed for $29,900, the property on N 14th Street cost significantly less than the average price of a new car in 2022. We're not sure if someone actually agreed to the one big stipulation in the listing or if the sellers decided this wasn't the right move. Either way, the listing was removed after less than a month.

So Where Are The "Cheap" Homes Now?

At the time, it was the cheapest single-family home for sale anywhere in the Treasure Valley. Now that it's off the market, we decided to look for the cheapest home for sale in most of the individual cities in our listening area. We only looked at single-family homes that were finished, didn't have a pending or contingent offer on them and weren't part of an upcoming property auction.

As you look around keep these numbers in mind. Currently, lists $569,000 for Ada County, $465,000 for Canyon County and $581,000 for Gem County as the "median listing home price" in these areas.

These Are the Cheapest Homes in 8 Parts of the Treasure Valley

As February 2022 comes to a close, we took a look at the cheapest single family home in several different parts of the Treasure Valley. These are the cheapest homes in most of the individual towns in our listening are.

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