There are some places you love, but you don't go there nearly as often as you'd like to because you just hate trying parking there. 

We'd call ourselves overly cautious drivers. For the most part we drive the speed limit. We leave plenty of stopping distance between our vehicle and the one in front of us. We're even fairly good a merging for an Idaho driver. That's probably how we avoided getting in our first accident until our mid-20s.

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You know where that first accident happened? In a parking lot. A chaotic parking where some sort of trance takes over drivers and they forget how to drive. We clearly had the right of way and we had a witness in our car with us to prove it!

That parking lot? Well it made the list of the WORST parking lots in Boise. In fact, it checks in at #2!

This post is clearly tagged as humor. Please enjoy it and have a good laugh without getting overly serious. We're concerned about the negativity and bullying in the comments section of our social media accounts. 

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