There are some places you love, but you don't go there nearly as often as you'd like to because you just hate trying parking there. 

For the record, I'm not a great driver. In my rage against Boise roundabouts, you can read the entire story of how I failed my drivers test on my 16th birthday. Chances are I'm that driver you get stuck behind that's overly cautious while merging, drives below the speed limit at night (blame my astigmatism for that on) or can't parallell park her way out of paper bag. But you know what? Being overly cautious helped me avoid an accident until my late 20s.

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You know where that first accident happened? In a parking lot. A chaotic parking where some sort of trance takes over drivers and they forget how to drive. I clearly had the right of way and I had a witness in my car with me to prove it!

That parking lot? Well it made the list of the WORST parking lots in Boise. In fact, it checks in at #2!

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