Forgive me for being a skeptic, but in the day and age of everyone having a nice camera in their pockets thanks to smart phones shouldn't there be more pictures of these things?

With Halloween just a few weeks away people always tend to be a little more into the paranormal or things that just can't logically be UFOs.  That's why I wanted to point out that there have been more that 25 UFO sightings reported here in Boise alone and a handful of surrounding cities like Meridian and Eagle.

The National UFO Reporting Center has been keeping track of UFO sightings since 1974.  They keep the most up to date directory of UFO sightings in North America and allows people who think that they've seen something from another planet to file a report through their website.  That's where I found the stories about UFOs reported over the Boise. Here's some of the ones reported by actual humans rather than something called a MADAR Node.

The person who reported this sighting is ex-military and the son of retired military, so he's got quite a bit of experience with military air crafts.  Based on the incredible speed of the UFO he saw, he ruled out one of those being a possibility. Around midnight in early September, he saw a diffuse object proceeded from mid sky and initially thought that it was a shooting star. He reported it as a UFO after watching it sharply change directions before it got to the roof line of his neighbor's house. The whole experience lasted less than two seconds.

According to this report, there was a flash of orange light over a tree line in the Boise Foothills that resembled the type of light you may see coming from a lighthouse.  It sat stationary. While staring in the direction of that first flash, they saw another fire light up.  They it say it looked like a flame until it dimmed and completely disappeared.

This one was actually reported from someone who was flying when a formation appeared in the clouds.  They described the main ship as looking like a Clingon ship with additional ships behind it.  The formation stuck around for at least 20 minutes.

While watching a movie, the person behind this report said something caught their eye outside the window and they were shocked to see a two part black floating object.  They described the UFO as having two main cylindrical compartments with a rod connecting the two of them. Another rod sat on top. The object appeared to float in the sky until it vanished from their view.  They ran outside to see if it could've been a neighbor's drone, but realized that it had completely vanished quicker than the drone could fly and it didn't make any noise as it moved.  The person didn't have their phone on them and even if they did, it would've vanished too quickly to snap a photo of it.  They did, however, claim to have sketched a picture of what they saw and said no drones existed that looked like that.

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