Earlier this week, Los Angeles residents who missed the memo that SpaceX was testing their Falcon 9 at Vandenberg Air Force Base thought they were seeing a UFO.

And when you see the video of the incredible burst of color that followed the rocket launch, I entirely understand why they believed the aliens had finally arrived on Earth.  It seriously looked like the special effects you'd expect to see on the big screen. I'm not sure whether they were relieved or upset when the news broke that it wasn't a UFO, but a planned test launch.

With Halloween just a few weeks away people always tend to be a little more into the paranormal or things that just can't logically be explained...like UFOs.  That's why I wanted to point out that there have been more that 15 UFO sightings reported here in the Treasure Valley alone this year!

The National UFO Reporting Center has been keeping track of UFO sightings since 1974.  They keep the most up to date directory of UFO sightings in North America and allows people who think that they've seen something from another planet to file a report through their website.  That's where I found the stories about UFOs reported over the Treasure Valley!  Here's a few of them that really stuck out.

As the sun was rising on Tuesday, August 14 a masonry crew working on a new car wash on Eagle Road in Meridian noticed a pill shaped object suspended in the sky. According to the crew member who reported the object to the UFO Reporting Center, he grabbed his binoculars to get a better look at it.  It was described as a disc with a linear line running through the center and a circular dome. It stayed in one place for about two hours before disappearing.  The crew members who saw it say they haven't seen it again but still find themselves looking at the sky for it.

Around 4 a.m. on Saturday, July 28 someone in Boise happened to catch a glimpse of glittery white lights moving in zigzag pattern toward the foothills.  The person who reported the sighting watched them through the window for a bit until they started getting lower in the sky and disappeared.  Intrigued, they continued to watch until a 20 foot long cigar shaped ship appeared.  It traveled east until it also vanished over the same section of the foothills.  On the other side of the home, they noticed two pale orange lights moving as if they were looking for something.  They apparently stopped as if they had spotted the person who reported the sighting while they were closing the window. It freaked them out enough that they would only peer through the blinds as they started moving again.

A family in Caldwell stepped out on their porch to do a little star gazing when one of them noticed a light in the sky that was clearly not a normal star.  On a clear evening, the object he spotted looked like an oval engulfed by steady white light.  Two family members who had serviced in the Air Force agreed that what they were looking at wasn't a regular air craft.  It was glided along, making no turns and had no blinking lights.  They saw a regular airplane moments after it vanished, further making them thing that what they had seen was not normal and quite possibly from another world.

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