For most of us, it's one of our favorite places to grab some new clothes, a bite to eat, or the latest movie.  Now, The Village at Meridian is adding some VIP Services too. 

If you've been at the Village lately, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, the parking lots can pack out quickly.  In addition, walking the property with your purchases can slow you down.  It seems the management at The Village observed those same issues, and now, some new services have been announced.

I saw the update from the Meridian Press, and wanted to share what's coming with you.  Those services are valet parking, curbside and taxi pickup, and a golf cart shuttle service.

The valet service will be available at the entrance to The Village off of Records Way and a second location behind Big Al's.  Those services are available Friday and Saturday nights and may be offered during other major events as well.

Fountain Square is the center of the complex so it makes sense that is where curbside pickup and drop-off service will be offered (near Bodovino and the playground).  That's where you can connect with Lyft, Uber, or taxi services or pickup takeout from the Fountain Square restaurants.

The final addition of services will be golf car shuttles helping to take guests who attend the Rock the Village summer concerts quickly to their cars.


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