It’s no secret that Idaho has gained many “transplants” from other states. Over the past few years, Boise has boomed. So much in fact that it has been ranked as one of the top cities in the nation with the fastest-growing population.


Idaho Bloodlines

But, many of us are Idaho grown. Many of which have bloodlines that extent to multiple generations in this beautiful state! 


Regardless of if you’re new here, or were born and raised it’s difficult to tell on the surface if an individual is from here or not. But don’t fret! We’ve got a simple, easy, and undercover way to test if someone is a true Idahoan or not.


The Secret

So, here’s the secret test. Show them this list of cities in Idaho (without saying them out loud) and see if they can pronounce them right. If they’re a true Idahoan, they’ll know the tricky pronunciations! 


And if they’re not a true Idahoan… well, it’ll be pretty apparent.


An Open Letter to the Transplants

And if you’re not the one testing those around you, I’m assuming you’re the transplant. In which case, welcome! And it’s time to do some homework. Read over the list of the toughest Idaho Cities to pronounce and see how you do!


Cause you never want to uncover you’re true origin identity…


Here is the list Below - good luck!

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